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When I hit 3500 Twitter followers . . .

2011 May 9
by Lin

I promised you, the Interweb people, that I’d post video of Nina Rosario’s first number from the original Wesleyan Production of In The Heights. April 29, 2000.

That was an impulsive thing to tweet (and an exceedingly arbitrary number), but I’m keeping my word.

I’m nervous though! As comfortable as I am sharing my childhood exploits for your entertainment (I mean, look at how lonely this kid was! The least we can do is give him an audience!), showing you early Heights is like posting a page from my diary. The show back then was like a big bleeding heart, with lots of cursing and very little craft.

Consider this post a heads up to any of you who were IN that Wes production. You were all fantastic, and I’ll never forget us dancing to Juan Luis Guerra in the La Casa rec room as our warm up. And shout out to one of my bestest friends and original Wes choreographer and world-famous groomswoman, Sara Elisa Miller.

See you at 3500. AND I’m on Modern Family, this Wednesday night! You should watch that. Or DVR it, if you have plans.



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  1. claudia permalink
    May 9, 2011

    I absolutely cannot wait to see what will happen when you reach 96,000 followers…….you know that day will come. No pressure! :]

  2. Anita permalink
    May 9, 2011

    I am excited for everything!!! I can’t wait until that 3,500th follower. Will you follow them back? Hehe. I’ve also been counting down the days until your Modern Family ep. That’s one of my favorite shows!!! I’m also hoping that you will return to House, another one of my favorite shows
    (Mi casa es su casa, Casa! Loved that line).

    I just learned a couple of weeks ago that Robert Sean Leonard aka Dr.Wilson is now on Broadway in Born Yesterday. I didn’t even know that he started out in Broadway. I wonder how the writers are going to write him out on House. I hope he returns. He better, but I digress. Looking forward to everything that you are working on, not looking forward to this paper I have to go and write. Grrr.

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