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What’s up with the Hamilton album?! Read on:

2011 June 26
by Lin

The title of this blog post is what fans ask me the most, via twitter, facebook, while I’m playing Angry Birds Rio on the train.

The background: In May of 2009, Lacamoire and I had the privilege of performing this song for the First Family, in the East Room of the White House:

Actually, while we’re looking at this video, lemme dispel an internet meme. I’m NOT throwing up an Illuminati symbol at the end of that clip. Just before the show, I was talking to Hot 97′s Angie Martinez, who was at the event, and she said, “I think this is the first hip-hop ever performed at the White House.” I joked, “I should throw up Jay-Z’s Roc-A-Fella diamond sign.” She said, “I dare you.” So, no, I’m not a Freemason, or Illuminati, or even affiliated with Roc Nation: I’m just an excited kid who can’t believe he’s rapping at The White House. It’s the Roc!

In any event, I wasn’t lying in the stammering intro to that performance. I fully intend to write a full-length concept album called The Hamilton Mixtape. Ever since I read Ron Chernow’s masterful biography, my brain hasn’t been able to STOP writing it. I do research in my free time. I wrote a song on my honeymoon. The only thing I haven’t had, over these past few amazing, blessed, I-can’t-believe-this-is-my-life years, is the time and space to write it. Other projects I simply could not say no to have popped up. Writing Bring It On with the insanely talented Andy Blank and Amanda Green and Jeff Whitty and Tom Kitt? I can’t believe they even let me in the room, it’s such a fun collaboration. Writing raps for Neil Patrick Harris? Yes thanks! Taking In The Heights to the motherland of Puerto Rico? Yup.

Well, that ends tonight.

I’M GOING TO AN UNDISCLOSED LOCATION TO WORK ON NOTHING BUT HAMILTON FOR THE NEXT THREE WEEKS. When I emerge, I hope to have written enough to give you a release date.

Here’s where I need your help.

Ever since I got this fancy website, I have gotten hooked on the Twitter. I LOVE interacting with you all, I love hearing about the insane ways in which my work and your lives intersect, I am terrified/flattered by your tattoos involving my lyrics. I’m asking you to be my Cyber-Cops for the next three weeks.

I’m not naive enough to think I can go cold turkey. Starting tomorrow (Monday, June 27), I’m sending out two Tweets a day: Good Morning, and Good Night. IF YOU SEE ME POSTING MORE THAN THAT, I am DEPUTIZING you to scold me off. “BACK TO WORK LIN!” “WRITE YOUR ALBUM!” “WE LOVE YOU CORKY, WE WANT YOU TO LIVE!”

If you can help me out with that, I think I can write you some amazing sh*t in return.

Game On.


Aaron Burr aka Sam Seaborn aka Alvie aka That Guy from College Humor aka Lin-Manuel Miranda

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  1. Kristina Rodulfo permalink
    June 26, 2011

    BEYOND EXCITED for this (did you know you inspired me to take that biography from the NYPL?) Don’t worry, I got you, your tweets go directly to my cell so I’ll gladly be on the look out ;)

  2. June 26, 2011

    Yo también estaré pendiente. Por la emoción de escuchar algo completo de tu trabajo, también mandaré un mensaje si te quieres pasar de listo con el Twitter jajajaja.

    Do what you have to!

  3. Adrianita permalink
    June 26, 2011

    I’ll keep my eyes on you :-) b/c I’ve been waiting for that album since I saw you performing that song in the White House. Good luck with your work. Dedos cruzados! Adrienn from Hungary.

  4. Ann permalink
    June 26, 2011

    BEYOND excited. I’ve watched this video performance a while ago and was anticipating any news on the actual release of the whole album. Good luck and looking forward to it!

  5. Natalie permalink
    June 26, 2011

    I read Chernow’s Hamilton biography for my US History class this year (at Hunter, actually), so I’m UNBELIEVABLY EXCITED for this album — Hamilton is pretty much the most badass political figure in history, and it’s one of the best biographies I ever read. Thank you for doing this!! I can promise you my entire history class will be absolutely ecstatic when it comes out…

  6. June 27, 2011

    love you.
    and i’m so happy you claimed Hamilton.
    he’s way cooler than all the other musical presidents ;)
    keep up the good work!
    ~10 dolla bill y’all~

  7. Pauline permalink
    June 27, 2011

    So if I read this correctly you are asking me to watch your twitter post and “get in your face” if you send out more than two a day. Challenge accepted. But now I am torn because I want/need for you to write for the Hamilton project but at the same time I would love to scream at you. I would even try to make it rhyme. It’ll sound something like this. Keep in mind that I am screaming.
    Come on now Lin! What are you doin?
    This is too serious for you to be screwing
    around with 140 characters or less
    Tweets those tweets and give us your best.
    Good day, Twittericans here’s what new…
    a few more more words and then you are through
    Hours pass, the sun has gone to bed
    Tweet a little more just remember you said;
    “21 days, Burr, Hamilton and Lin-Man”
    If you don’t get this done. The Sh** will hit the fan.

    Now you know why NPH didn’t call me. I’ve got my eye on you.

  8. Rosie permalink
    July 11, 2011

    but let me get this straight…you will be back blogging once you’re done, right??? lol- mor power to ya, brotha!! It’s hard to stay away from ‘puters! Can’t wait to see your project!!

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